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We don't just sell cameras and process prints ... we strive to provide the best customer experience - to help you find the right fit and to improve your photographic knowledge.

In addition to our library of Learning Center videos and articles by area photo experts, Milford Photo offers classes on cameras, accessories and photography techniques for all levels, from beginner to pro.

Are you trying to figure out how to use the controls on your new DSLR? We can help with that. Would you like to meet up with fellow photo enthusiasts for a local outdoor photographic excursion? We plan those, too. Wondering whether a complete studio setup is necessary for perfect portrait shots? Ask us about our studio lighting classes.

Take a look at Milford Photo's latest calendar of events and RSVP online or give us a call at the store (203-882-3415) to reserve your spot today.

Upcoming Photography Classes

Night Photography with Harold Shapiro

Thursday, June 21, 2018 | 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Harold Shapiro has been teaching night photo techniques for years at NH's Creative Arts Workshop and Milford Photo. Join him as he reviews some important settings and techniques to the craft, then go out with him and put those lessons to the test in picturesque downtown Milford.

After a review of camera controls, Harold will lead the group out for some long exposure outdoor light painting technique down the street at Milford's City Hall and upper duck pond.

What you need, besides a camera with total exposure control, is a tripod. A tripod is a must for getting sharp multi-second shots. One of Milford Photo's staffers will be on hand to help with settings and tripod controls. And we'll break out the BFL light and paint the falls again! Thanks to Ring of Light for this sample frame...

$39.95 per person. Held weather permitting. Contact the store to register without paypal.

Beginning DSLR Photography Class

Saturday, June 30, 2018 | 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM

For owners of DSLRs (interchangeable lens cameras) looking for a grounding in photo technique and camera control for better pictures of people, places and things. Using original images I'll show you how and when to employ different camera settings for effect and offer compositional tips and positioning strategies to improve your portrait, sport/action, landscape and even flash images. A great starter class for new owners or those looking to brush up on DSLR camera controls, overrides and technique.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • The importance and affects of shutters and aperture settings
  • Using wide angle or telephoto lenses for optimal effect
  • Photographing subjects indoors without flash
  • Creating balanced landscapes
  • Macro or close up technique
  • Learning to evaluate light
  • Setting ISO and white balance controls
  • Using your flash indoors and out

While this is not a shooting event I strongly suggest you bring your camera!

$29.95 per person contact the store to register without paypal

please include billing address and phone with your transaction

Instructor: Jess Thompson

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